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Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

Housing Choice Voucher Program Overview
The Housing Choice Voucher Program is financed through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and administered in the City of Greenville by the Housing Authority of the City of Greenville, SC (HACG).
Rent subsidy assistance is available to families with very low incomes throughout Greenville County. The program is run according to HACG's Administrative Plan adopted for HCV Existing Housing.
If you qualify for housing assistance, you may find the housing of your choice but it must meet minimum Housing Quality Standards as Apartmentestablished by HUD. The Housing Authority reviews and approves leases and inspects the units prior to approval of Section 8 assistance. You also may be able to remain where you now live if your unit passes a HACG inspection and does not exceed the payment standard schedule of maximum rents.
Once you qualify, you will pay no less than 30% of your adjusted gross income for rent. If a family decides to rent a unit above the payment standard, the family will pay more than 30% but would not be permitted to lease a unit in which they would pay greater than 40% of adjusted monthly income for rent and utilities. The Housing Authority pays the difference between the tenant's rent payment and the contract rent for the unit to the landlord
You will rent directly from the landlord and have all responsibilities like any other tenant in a private, unassisted dwelling. You must abide by the lease, including the provision that you give a 30 day notice if you intend to move. This is done through the HCV office.


THE SECTION 8 Waiting List is currently Closed.

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